Maxi Dress Pt.2...In The Sun....

Same dress, different look! I love black and tan together, so I thought I'd pair the dress with these little ancient wicker wedges of mine, and a vintage leather belt. I added my H&M denim jacket to top it all off.

The flower in my hair was chopped off a vintage (80's) prom dress that the boy had got for fancy dress, which we turfed out last week. I rescued the flower off the sash trim!

Dress: New Look, Jacket: H&M, Hair Flower, Shoes and Belt: Vintage, Glasses: Quiksilver, Ring: Primark, Bag: Vintage Chanel.

I am loving this sunshine! I was hoping to go and watch the boy's band play this evening, I haven't mentioned them much before but they are called Spectres (google them-they have some free tracks to download) and tonight they are playing at Start the Bus in Bristol (so if you're in the area, head on down and show them some support!) Ironically, being as they are playing in a venue named 'Start the Bus' it is only appropriate that the tour van won't start, (to be fair, the last time I travelled in it, we lost both 5th and reverse gears en-route, so I can't say I am sad not to be in it again.) As a result, this means I have been booted unceremoniously from my pre-booked seat in the car by a rather obtuse drum kit. But it's ok, I will be able to enjoy many, many other gigs in the future, I know it! And plus I would make a lousy replacement for a bass drum, it's true!
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stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Really love belt!

Paint it Black said...

Great look hun I totally love the maxi dress I think these will defo be a summer stable.

Cant wait to see all your designer goodies xoxo

Chanel said...

Awww you look adorable in your maxi dress.

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