The All New Maxi Dress.....Pt. 1.....

I bought this Maxi dress from New Look the other week, with a discount voucher I had it only came to £11! Bargainous, and, I think I am going to wear this LOADS. Initially I was a bit like, hmm, maxi dresses, a) tricky trend, b) I am a short stop so I didn't think they would suit me, and c) I always make hippy associations with them, so I was fully prepared to return this little number and get my £11 back. Not so! When I put it on, I suddenly realised the appeal...not only is it super flattering (there is a lovely centreback seam which is very lengthening and flattering on the posterior...!) it is also super comfy. And I mean, SUPER comfy. Like wearing a dressing gown, but a smarter one, with no tie. Yum.

This look was a smarter take on day dressing. I paired the maxi with a sequin jacket for impact ( I love how it is so basic, kinda like a blank canvas for outfit building. Yay!)

Dress and Jacket: New Look, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Bag: Topshop, Gladiators: Warehouse. Sunglasses: Gucci.

If I had better hair/Chanel arm candy I would claim to be channeling one/the other/either of the Olsens in this photo, there is deffo some goth-glam going on. However I just like the look overall. The jacket was a New Look bargain from the website, it is a Limited Edition piece that I've only worn a few times, for fear of shedding sequins all over. I like how it sparkles in the sun though. It's the small things...!

In other fashion news, I have bought a lovely new ring from one of my favourite new websites, They are a designer site but have some fabulous cheapies, I spotted a pair of CRAFT jeans (Miss Moss's fave brand) for £17.50, and a LNA tank (normally about £90) for £14. Brill. I got a Rachel Leigh ring, which was supposed to be £60, for £20, with a voucher code I had for 20% runs out at midnight TONIGHT so if you want to grab yourself a designer bargain with some money off then head on over and enter DUSTBUSTER at the checkout. Let me know what goodies you grab! I shall post pics of the ring (and the story behind why I got it!) when it arrives.
On the topic of sales, that high street stalwart TOPSHOP has gone into sale today, I noticed a few pieces on the website last night, just shoes and accessories, and the whole shebang was live today. I had a quick squizz, but there were no pieces that I really wanted-I'm after some pretty undies but the online selection was not great so I shall be paying a visit to my local store tomorrow to get some I hope!
I have to admit, after getting a small taste of designer (my Outnet bargain, and a couple of other pieces that I've picked up from designer sites) my appetite for it has well and truly been whetted. I popped into New Look on my lunchbreak yesterday and everything seemed so cheap...I know that sounds super snobby, and I still like a lot of New Look stuff (I mean, look at my post!) but I couldn't find anything I liked in there really. Additionally, I am usually the Topshop sale shopper, I can easily spend £200 or so in there during the sales (and usually do!) which would cover my summer wardrobe. But this time....nothing! Perhaps it's just that I am getting older and choosing quality over quantity...who knows! I'll keep you posted...I think that if my scattergun shopping habits have been nipped in the bud, then it can only be a good thing!!
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Anonymous said...

Oh i have this maxi dress :)
You look great in it x

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