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So this is the beautiful Rachel Leigh NYC ring that I bought from Bunnyhug.com the other day, I think I posted about it breifly. The reason I bought this was severalfold: a) I love gold jewellery, and I loved the mix of metal and enamel in this piece. b) I am trying to stop buying cheap (nickel) jewellery because it i) turns my fingers green and ii) brings me out in a rash (I have sensitive skin). Also the main reason for buying it, was that I was very kindly given a 'shopping voucher' by the Boy for our anniversary, amongst other things, and so I decided to spend it wisely and on something that would last and last, rather than just getting some clothes with it which, lets face it, in 10 years time, I won't be wearing, or will be bored of, or will have worn out. So I went for this. The designer is Rachel Leigh and I love how the timelessness of the ring in shape and colour is offset by the quirky enamel details. It's super nice and I think I shall wear it a LOT. And for a 1-year anniversary present, I think it is perfecto.

I also had to take some photo's of the packaging it came in, honestly, buying from designer websites is like Christmastime, the effort and quality of the packaging is unequalled!

It was sooo pretty, I almost didn't want to open it. Almost....

Bunnyhug.com is a really great website, they have a huge selection of bits and pieces and some amazing designer bargains. So go look! They weren't quite as quick on delivery as the Outnet, but I think it was worth the wait...!
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Couture said...

Very nice!

chloe said...

congrats, its beautiful! im a ring fiend myself and by loads of cheapie ones just to have a bigger selection to choose from when i accessorize. i get green fingers too! :p

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