Clown Around...

I don't think there is anything scarier than a clown. Ugh. But I felt a bit clown-ish today, perhaps it was these trousers! I love how they're not quite harem, not quite pegged, a little bit tapered and a whole lot cuter rolled up. Well, in my mind anyway....

Please excuse my face in these photo's, this is the 'hangover' look. hmmm.....

This whole outfit, I've just realised, is Topshop (various seasons, 2001-present day.) The scarf however is McQueen and the ring and cuffs, Primark.

I am loving the nautical feel of this cardigan but I hate looking too 'put together' with a statement piece like this which is why I haven't teamed it with breton stripes and red, though I'm sure it would look cute with this too. It was a bit dreary today so I allowed a flash of colour with the pale pink tunic and kept the rest of the look darker. This was after I had done the walk of shame back to my car in last night's dress...clean forgot to bring alternative outfits to the Boy's house, though I did have flat shoes and a sweater to cover most of the embarrassment!
Hope you've all had a great weekend!
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Style of a Fashionista said...

You have the most amazing trouser collection. I always go shopping looking for trousers and always seem to talk myself out of them not sure why. Than I see your posts and think I need to get into trousers great inspiration xoxo

Amie K said...

Aww thankyou hun. I do have a bit of a trouser obsession!thankyou for the lovely comment! xoxo

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