I Am So Lucky.........

I was so super lucky this Valentines day, I got the 2 cards above!
The one at the top is so special. It is from the boy and it is 'our story.' Safe to say it is the most amazing thing I've ever got! He is incredibly talented at most things but particularly at anything arty and you can have a look at his wonderful creations here: (do it!) www.adriandutt.carbonmade.com
The one below is sooooo cute! It is from my dear friend Kathy who is soooo sweet (the card says it all!) She is so super tiny I just want to put her in my pocket and she writes a supernice blog which you could and should check out here: www.kathygale.blogspot.com
Do ittttttt!
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Paint it Black said...

That is so romantic what a lovely bf you have.

It took my a while to find the link for the Chictopia gadget. If you go down to the botom of the Chictopia page you will see a link called goodies they have a selection of different ones to choose from. If you still have problems let me know xoxo

amie k said...

Thankyou! I know, he is amazing :)
I found the link-thanks so much, I would never have found that! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you are such a ratbag!

heartshapedbruise. said...

I love the card your boyfriend made - shame about the spelling error on the other one :( Tis a really 'sweet' gesture!
Just wanted to say - I really like your blog - I've had it on my favourites for quite a while now. I really like seeing your outfit posts :)
I've just started my own blog, so am now going to officially 'follow' you!


amie k said...

why thankyou! I will return the favour, of course! xoxo

KathyGale said...

Aww.. Adrian's card is loooovely!.. not that I've seen the inside! :) And you mentioned me; you can put me in your pocket anytime! :D Cute! I think your the loveliest of them all.

..and yes, what a shame.. :S and such a small error, thanks for pointing it out! ¬¬ :( I'm pretty sure it's the thought that counts!

Thanks for the link for Adrians work, its great! What a fabulous pair you make! :)


amie k said...

I didn't even notice the spelling mistake, I absolutely loved the card! Yeah course I mentioned you Kathy, your blog rocks!! I love it :)

Glad you like Age's work too...he is one talented boy isn't he! xoxo

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