Hot List....

ASOS Leather and Denim Buckle Boot

ASOS Platform Shoe Boot

ASOS Coral Power Shoulder Blazer

So, it's Boys Night back at the Homestead, which means a perfect excuse to order pizza and then internet shop/blog about all the things I like whilst the Boy+chums slay nasty people/score goals on the computer upstairs. This suits me perfectly except when the peace and tranquility of the Boys lovely warm bedroom is ruined by the sound of someone vomiting outside. I kid you not. On a Sunday night and everything, have they no shame?!

ASOS Studded Clog Mule

ASOS Leopard Print Harems

I am very much lusting after the above (and below) items, non-existent bank balance notwithstanding, and I am also slightly concerned that my substance abuse issue re: expensive boots is spiralling out of control...

ASOS Nude Elastic Front Shoe

McQ by Alexander McQueen Drape Harems (I have to get these: in Homage, of course. Respects must be paid.)

ASOS Nude Pleat Shoulder Jacket
Yes, they are all ASOS numbers, I've been having a little flit about on the site this evening and I thought I'd share with you the things making my wish list! Which, coincidentally, is ridiculous, and must be curtailed immediately, if not sooner. Fact.

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Mamacita said...

hot hot hot picks!!!

KathyGale said...

oooh! The first shoes are in my 'wishlist'! :D Very lovely! :D xx

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