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I was a bit pushed for time today which meant that my outfit wasn't as thought through as I usually try to make it, also, I stayed at the Boy's last night and forgot to take any accessories, or socks. So I had to muddle through with what I had. Isn't it funny how your outfit can totally affect your mood? I was ready to go home at the end of the day as I didn't much like what I was wearing today and wanted to change!
I'd also like to share some pictures of the scenery here, I took the top photo at about 8.45am, lovely blue skies and fluffy clouds. The one below that was taken at about 6pm, you can see the darker skies (there's going to be a storm I think) and the super high water level!

Bag: Luca Bocelli, Mac: Tu, Tee: Quiksilver Woman, Trousers: Next, Brogues: Vintage

These are the brogues I had mended yesterday, I do love them. I got a few funny looks today but oh well I love them and that's all that matters isn't it!

I feel very 'city slicker' in this mac, and I think the brogues add a touch of quirk...hence my blog title!

Hope you had a lovely day fashionistas! And are enjoying a great weekend. I have the day off tomorrow (yay) so I am looking forward to a lovely lie in with the Boy!
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