Size Issues...

So,the year has got off to a good start, despite job issues, transport issues, and non-delivery-of sales-merchandise-due-to-lack-of-transport issues, but now that I've escaped from the country, things are looking up. Or so I thought. Partaking in a final rummage of the dilapidated sales products, SS10 style ideas in hand, I came across a rather nice pair of skinny black leathery jean-type-trousers. JUST the thing to wear with my superstylin Topshop patent shoe boots, which I managed to swipe for £20..a instant outfit uplifter, and shoe of the season, if I do say so myself...took them out for a spin last night and almost came a cropper on an icy metal staircase...this aside, they're the most fierce thing. But I digress...end-of-sale-shopping, as I was on my lunchbreak, is not really something you can do in a hurry. So, I decided to buy two pairs of said trousers, to try them on at home, as typically, my size wasn't there, only a size smaller and a size bigger. chatting to the sales girl, she looked me over and then said:

"oh yeah, you'll need the bigger size for sure"

Followed by:

"you look bigger than me, so I'd definitely say the bigger size"

I had only one thing left to say: OUCH. Working in retail myself, I have learned over years of being tactful that one thing you never allude to, is someone's true size. Whether this means lying through your teeth or not, there is always room to be polite, and un-hurtful. Maybe I'm being too sensitive...either way, mind out whilst I head for the step machine.

UPDATE: I went back and tried on the smaller size, just because I can, and I thought the bigger size were a little tooooo big, and, guess what, they fitted!! YAY, stick that to impolite sales assistants! Note to self: must remember to stop breathing whilst wearing new trousers...
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Paint it Black said...

Don't you just hate those kind of sales assistants. I to work in retail and I am always diplomatic when it comes to someones size. xoxo

amie k said...

Me too! I think you have to be, when you work in retail. It's only polite!! :) xoxo

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