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So, today was kind of interesting..after waking up to a pigeon cooing outside the window for what felt like forever, scoffing some porridge (yum) and getting dressed,I was ready to hit work. At the moment I work in a retail store and I have to wear certain brands to work, I actually work in a Quiksilver franchise so normally would have to wear Roxy, which is the female Quiksilver line, which has the occasional decent piece but usually seems quite young and almost a bit babyish..very far removed from the clothes I normally buy, I just can't 'do' hoodies!!

Luckily for me, the past few seasons, Quiksilver has branched into a more directional and feminine brand called Quiksilver Womens, which is aimed at the more modern and fashion-orientated woman. So I tend to wear that to work as opposed to Roxy, as it's much more my style! Today I wore a pretty white bow-necked blouse with a chunky cardigan over (for warmth!) with a pair of dark denim QSW stovepipe jeans. I thought it looked quite cute and I funked the top up with a nice chain-detail waist belt from Topshop which added a harder edge. I took a photo on my phone so I will have to try and upload that when the weather clears and I can get home to get to my phone cable...!!

Quiksilver Womens is a really cool brand and I'm currently waiting for the new season lines to drop in, I've seen they're doing denim harem trousers (so at the top of my wish list!) and cute structured silk blouses which I'm keen to get my hands on. Anyone who works in retail and has to wear certain items to work or a uniform will know how boring it can be to wear the same clothes all the time but it can be a nice challenge to try and create new looks. Unfortunately because I work in a surf shop, I can't wear heels to work which I hateeee!! But I do wear a lot of ballet pumps and flat boots when the weather allows!

So after work today I went off with the boy and his band mates to take some new band pictures in the snow, if any of them ever get used I'll hijack some and put them on here, I tried my best to take some decent ones with Joe's fancy camera but I don't think they turned out that was super cold, plus there were all these strange footprints in the snow...we also got the car stuck and had to push it to get it back up the hill, it was pretty scary, but worth it to see them all come a cropper and slide around like a bunch of kippers in a barrel!! Although I think I was the only one to actually properly fall over, which was instant Karma for laughing at Darren and Ben's inability to stay upright. I hate the cold weather, the only thing I like about it, it the excuse to wear lots of layers!!

Oh, and something else to make you feel warm and fuzzy...a very good friend/work colleague of mine, lovely lass and all round stunner, Miss Lozzer, has only gone and nabbed herself a boyfriend (at long last....the male population of my area must be completely dim-witted/intimidated, as the girl's a bonafide hottie)....collective aaaaah's all round!

Until tomorrow fash fans! Stay warm! xoxo
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