So, after 4 days, with little or nothing to do, I've managed to escape the gridlocked countryside and get to the Boy's. This is due to a) a long walk to the main road (think I've put my shoulder out; note to self, pack less stuff) and b) a lift from a friend (thankyouuuuu!) Unforch this does mean, no photo's, as they are all stored on my computer, (as if I'd drag that over a mile of icy hill and dale..I'd give myself a hernia) and I'm using the boys, ergo, no pics. boo hiss and all that, but once normal service resumes and I can get back to my house, I'll try and update posts with them.

So, not that I've arrived back in civilisation again, the first thing I did (after smooching the boy, blates) was go and buy a fashion magazine. I practically inhaled the new style sections, and have been busily planning the outfits I'm going to be wearing for SS10, which will obviously include my stylish new otk boots, which I'm going to style up with some leather look trousers I intend to purchase from Topshop, and several playsuits I scooped up in the Miss Selfridge sale. Pics to come, promise!!

Don't worry fellow fashionistas...just cos I'm not stuck at home anymore, doesn't mean I shan't keep my blog updated. Ciao for now though! xoxo
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