Sales Attacks! Pre-Season Trend Buying For 2010..

So: I like to shop. This fact is surely evident by dint of this blog, which, if nothing else, charts my fashion missions with alarming regularity. And what could be better for a serial shopper, like myself, than the post Christmas sales?! Not much really, I'll be honest, though the mid-season summer ones are pretty good too.

For the eagle eyed reader of this blog, you will have noticed that I drew up a list of things I 'needed' pre-sales bashing, so as to avoid the old wiley 'sale blindness' that seems to descend like a red mist over all reduced products at sales time. Ergo: I end up with bags and bags of randoms that look like I have raided the rails over at Madonna's Crib, (Tour Wardrobe, you get me).

So, armed with list, I hit the shops. First mistake: Seeing a really, really cute pair of boots I really liked in Topshop, and not getting them. The getting the hump when I went back to get them, and they'd gone. I think I did the exact same thing last year: hardly a lesson learned. I did, however, manage to buy the most key item of the season: A winter coat. Yes, I am lacking in this most important of garments, but armed with a hitlist of what I needed, have managed to find one that (almost) fits the bill: No hood, but then, all the hooded coats I found seemed to be made of some sort of fire-retardant plastic coated shiny fabric, which was not at all what I wanted, being that my premise was a 'smart winter coat.' Hell, I may just as well have bought a duffel. So yes, my coat: REDUCED from £95 to £40, (tick) black (tick) thigh length and smart (tick) classic shape (tick tick) with a twist...covered in tiny gold studs, with feature zipped pockets (total TICK).

Other surprise finds included: A rather natty green and black checked lumberjack shirt which I wore with the lable attached for 3 days since I couldn't work out whether to return it or not...must make a note to not wear it when the boy wears his own lumberjack, for fear of the inevitable 'his'n'hers' comparisons, a grey slash necked jumper with shoulder pad detail (sharp shoulders were all over 09, and, like the harem trouser, I predict a return to form again for 2010-not just in jackets this time either but also all over knits and dresses, which means that the black shoulder padded cardigan I've just bought is also nothing if not an investment). I also nabbed a nice long cream cardigan, awesome pyramid studded, chain detail belt which is an instant outfit moderniser, some jewel-encrusted ballet pumps (so cute, and comfortable to boot) and my one possible sale variable: from Next, some black high-shine skinny jeans (they are leather look.) I'm still a little unsure of these, but they fit like a dream, and will, I predict, be a) incredibly useful for channelling the aforementioned (prev. blog) 'hot mess' look, and also b) look quirky in a Rachel Bilson/Lily Allen kinda way when worn in the daytime with pumps and a cute tee. So all in, I think I did quite well in the sales this year. Ooh, also, almost forgot to mention my luxe sale treat to self: A brand new pair of navy, polka dotted satin pajamas which make me feel like a cross between Hugh Hefner and Marylin Monroe (if this is possible) and are incredibly fun to slide around the bed in (oo-er, etc.) Actually they bare more than a passing resemblance to Dolce & Gabbana's satin PJ's (but were about a 20th of the price from La Senza) that were sent down the runway with aplomb in AW08, and then were all over celebs on the red carpet in SS09. Becki Newton had the shorts version, and a rather stunning actress whose name escapes me (possibly Jessica Alba, but I can't be sure) wore the full leg version to a red-carpet event and managed to look incredibly adorable, and not at all as if she was trying to get guests to leave because they were disturbing her beauty sleep. Needless to say, my pj's are in residence at the boy's, and they make a rather stylish upgrade from previous nighttime outfits of jersey pants and Blondie tee shirts. Styling out all over in 2010, doubtless!
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