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So, its Christmas Eve. The eve of the one day of the year where it is acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, wear incredibly fancy clothes with no intention of leaving the house, and greed-grab presents with panache. Also, if you're me, it is also acceptable to online-sale-shop from the sofa.

This Christmas, though, I'm not feeling the festive spirit, and the reasons for this are twofold. Number One: I've been unwillingly trapped in a rural location due to icy roads and steep hills, and as such, the plans I had spent hours making with the boy have been unceremoniously dashed, since he is (not) trapped in a more driver friendly town location. Number Two: My brother, who lives and works in France, had beaten the Christmas Eurostar meltdown and managed to get back into the country, only to be thwarted at the final hurdle (coming back from a flying visit to see his girlfriend) and is now, as we speak, stuck in Weston. A great way to spend Christmas Eve, I'm sure you'll agree.

On a fashionable front, the gorgeous black overlayed dress I had harped on about in posts gone by is languishing in the wardrobe, with no hope of being taken out for a Christmas Eve's spin, so I may wear it tomorrow instead, with brogues and a cute cardi, since I did promise I would wear it to every Christmas event, and as such, they have all, so far, been halted by inclement weather.

Oh Christmas. What a time for the weather to go up the swanny. To keep myself occupied (since all presents are wrapped and ready to give, and all the feel good Christmas movies are making me miss the boy and feel frustrated at spoilt plans, I've been making a list (and checking it twice) of things I am going to try and buy in the sale. So I'll be a nice fashion blogger and share it, but make sure you leave some things for me....!

Ok so here is what I feel I need, based on a short but brutal wardrobe recce last night:

1. A winter coat. Yes, its true, I may have 4 leather jackets, but I have nothing that has a hood, or a thick lining. So I am on the lookout for a decent, classic-with-a-twist winter warmer.

2. New mittens (sheepskin please) and a new hat (I've seen one I like with cat ears, a bit like the one Katy Perry wore in the papers just lately.)

3. A black cardigan. I know-a wardrobe staple. I have been on the hunt for one of these for EVER, can someone PLEASE do a decent one? That isn't LONG!?

4. A velvet bodycon skirt-One way I can tread into this trend without looking like Fergie (the Duchess, not the Pea) circa 1987.

5. A checked lumberjack shirt-in dark colourways. I feel this could be the ultimate "evening" cover up, enabling me to go from day (bodycon dress, tights, brogues) to night (heels, shirt undone but belted in over the dress) without looking too try-hard/naked.

So that is my winter wish list so far. I shall keep you updated on how much of it I am able to fulfill. In the meantime-Merry Christmas everyone....keep your fingers crossed for a thaw! x
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Lina said...

I had a velvet body con skirt! I used to wear it all the time until one fateful eve in March I got really drunk and fell on my bag, which had nail varnishes inside(I often paint my nails on the train, etc) that smashed, and now my skirt is covered in hardened nail varnishes. Unfixable. I mourned the loss of that skirt for ages. xx

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