Big Eyes, New Hair, Old Pictures....

See my shiny new blog picture there. Its an old photo, but it's essentially the same as how I look now, having had *the chop* and all my nice long hair lopped off. Or, it is how I will look in about 3 months when my hair has caught up with having all its layers shredded out and is nice and thick and swingy again.

So I changed my photo, cause, you know, New Year, picture from 2008..I will try and get a nice one of me from 2010, if that's the interim, this will have to suffice. Besides, I did figure how seriously people would take me as a 'style' writer when the gateway to my blog is a picture of me with frizzball hair, partying in a Spandau Ballet T shirt and a red pleather bumbag. I'm guessing not much.
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