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So, I've been trying to keep my blog updated daily, which has been easy in some ways (I'm at the boys/his computer is faster/swankier/all round better in everyway than mine/plus he is very encouraging and tells me off [in the nicest way] if I don't fulfill my daily [blogging] obligation). However: Yesterday the boy had school allllll day, and I spent it (unconstructively) shopping, though I am going to turn that into a proactive exercise by blogging about it in short order. Then in the evening we went to visit some friends of ours, so all in all it was a busy but lovely and fun day. But by dint of this, I didn't have time to write my daily post. So soz!

Nevertheless, I did manage to venture home yesterday for the first time in over a week, which led to the following: 1) discovery of brand spanking new Elle magazine, 2) discovery of [slightly damp] shoes bought from eBay last week (I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon on here, they're very cute) and 3) discovery of [extremely damp] River Island sales order, which has probably been hanging around on my back step for the best part of the week. Happily, the goods inside were unharmed, unhappily, 2 items were missing (am in process of getting them to refund me for these) and of the 4 that remained, 80% are to be returned as were not as I thought they'd be/didn't fit/made me look fat. Don't you hate that about Internet shopping...the anti climax when the stuff comes, and just isn't what you thought it'd be...?

Also hit the shops today, with a view to scooping up any leftover sales dregs, armed as I was with my Elle style forecaster for SS/10. To wit: Topshop had decided to sling a load more stuff into the reduced aisle. Ended up with 4 (I know, 4, I'm so obsessed) pairs of harems: 1 short leg black jersey, 1 long leg black jersey (relax, I'm going to chuck my manky Primark ones now) a pair of matelot fronted grey (smart, look ace with a heel) and a pair of nude tie-waisters which could have come straight off the catwalk (Burberry Prorsum and Fendi both showed a LOT of slouchy, drapey, neutral and nude tones, so these I shall consider an investment!) I also got a pair of crushed velvet leggings (yikes! But I hope I can pull them off-I'm thinking they'll look nice with my new otk boots...clashing textures and all that). Then I found a cute plain black knit with shoulder pads and another chunkier grey knit with shoulder pads and contrasting white angora shoulder slices, again, super-catwalk stylee and super harem-friendly as it is waist length and so won't clash up the volume too much.

Finally I also nabbed a pair of super nice flat monk style buckle boots, which were half price and I seriously think I am going to have them surgically attached to my feet for the next 6 months, they are so nice.

Spent out, I decided that would have another look (read: inhale) of my Elle SS10 supplement. I'm pleased to report that I think the early part of 2010 looks surprisingly do-able. The only look I'm unsure of, is the 'surfy/sporty chic' (which, to be honest, seems to bubble about like a perennial at this time of year). Proenza Schouler showed this look and it looks way too bright for me: plus I'm not sure if I should venture anywhere near 'scuba rubber.' A £5k Chanel surfboard, however, is another story...yes pleassssse!!!!
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