Blogger Lets Loose...Wild In The Aisles, Or What!?

Yup....just a quick update today as I have officially got the shopping shakes....some scarily accurate mathmatical equations denote that I, Amie K, have acquired no less than 4 (4!) pairs of boots, in a mere 48 hour time period. Cripes. I'm pretty sure that requires some kind of therapy. Or at the very least, an extension of my overdraft.

Yes, today I ventured to the Big City and had some low key fun on my lonesome (the boy is up to his ears in bird drawings, bless him) and, yes, without his realitive guidance, all previously learnt good shopping habits went out the window, along with a not instubstantial amount of cash. However I can claw back the fact that I had vouchers to spend, and spend them I did, on a spankingly delicious pair of lace up ankle boots. Yum.

Also, all my pre-Christmas budget-blowout sales goods arrived (at once-about blimming time) which left my front room looking like the average post-snowpocalypse PO Delivery Depo. Its like Christmas, mark II! I like this. What I did NOT like, however, was the carelessness shown by several delivery drivers in leaving parcels ON THE FRONT LAWN in practically MONSOON rains. 'Colin,' I've got your name, number and route, so expect an IRATE phonecall vis a vis a rather soggy jumpsuit. You have been warned.
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