Work Clothes...

Today I have been looking at the linebooks for the new Quiksilver Women's range for the upcoming season, and it is really hawt. They are even showing a jumpsuit this season (well, it's a romper...but if it's good enough for Katy Perry...!) The whole look is focused on clean lines, and simple shapes with interesting cuts. There are a lot of shirttail backs, high waisted trousers, slouchy silk vests with buttons down the front, that sort of thing. I've already picked about 4 things to order...suppose I had better start saving...!

Work clothes are funny...we are so defined by our styles, and at the moment, the way I dress for work is completely not 'me' inasmuch as I always feel a bit scruffy, and under-dressed. So, I've decided to make some changes to this and start dressing a bit more nicely for work...a little smarter, try to get some of 'myself' back into my 'uniform.' Then I won't feel so envious the next time I see a stylishly dressed person walk past!
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