Photo's, Snow Boredom, Missing Persons....

Snowed 4.
What I am missing: Work (well, not being there, but I am worried about losing the money!)
The boy (this is the longest time I've gone not seeing him since we got together. Grrr.)
Tea! Because I've run out of milk, but apparently a neighbour may be bringing some round :)
I'm trying to fill my time productively, but it is hard!! Mainly because it is so frustrating, being unable to go about my normal routine. On the upside, I've become a dab hand at online shopping (as if I wasn't already) and reaquainted myself with Twitter...I'm updating like a mofo, watch me go!
Snow pics to follow...I donned the warmest hat and went on a mission earlier (looking for an escape route, actually finding a wet foot and and close call with a snow-covered sheet of ice. Yikes!)
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