This was a blog in tribute to Michael Jackson: Love him or hate him, his music and style had an undeniable impact on the world.

Death of a (style) Icon......
June 26, 2009 7:56 PM
As the news of the death of Michael Jackson resounds around the world, his plethora of fans have the opportunity to look back over his 40 years in show business and evoke their own personal memories of what he meant to them. Widely regarded as a musical genius, Michael won't only be remembered for the positive aspects of his musical career, but also for the work he did for charity outside of the spotlight, and the amazing ability he had to bring popular culture to the mainstream through lyrics, song and dance and, of course, his own inimitable style. This blog looks back at some of Michael Jackson's incredible takes on fashion and the attitude and ability he possessed to take control of the music, the audience, and the clothes.

When Michael broke onto the scene in the late sixties as a central member of the Jackson Five, all eyes fell to the adorable youngster in the kitted polo tops and flared jeans, working the afro hairdo. In years to come his style would change, but there would remain a certain magical quality about Michael that very few artists ever possess. It was this quality that would propel him forward into the shape of the star he would become. Solo album efforts that included Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad, cemented his position as one of pop's true legends, and with his evolvement from chirpy, cheeky all-American singer into a darker, more mysterious pop-rock phenomenon, his star continued to ascend.
His electrifying dance moves and ground breaking videos made him the buzzword on everyone's lips in the 1980's as a spokesperson for the MTV generation. He seemed accessible to all, yet somehow completely out of reach…he could have been any one of a million American teens, yet there was something about Michael that sparkled and set him apart.
In short, this could only lead to one thing-mass appeal-to which his long standing and hugely successful career in the music industry is testament.

Michael also blazed trails in style fields too. Who can forget his incredible outfits, some costumed specifically for music video's and performances, others simply extraordinary daywear, worn with aplomb. The way he shimmered across the stage, performing the signature 'backslide' movement in his sequined jacket was pure magic. Michael, more than any of his other male contemporaries, brought 'eveningwear' to the daytime in a dandyish way which laid the gauntlet for others to follow-one only has to look at the likes of today's celebrity style icons, for example Russell Brand, to see that ideas in fashion have certainly filtered down from Jackson and other icons of the day, such as David Bowie…the leather trousers and jacket combo, the skintight tux pant, the patent loafer worn 'just so' with the pure white ankle socks…the sequins, the feathers, the decadence. A signature piece of Michael's was the trilby
Hat, worn jauntily to one side of his head, and the single glove, worn with such an attitude that no one ever thought to question where the other didn't matter that there was only one, because Michael Jackson was wearing it, ergo, it was in vogue. Whichever way he's viewed, Michael had style, and he had it in spades.

So sharp suiting, rock star leather, incredible accessories… Michael was a fashion force to be reckoned with. Truly, he didn't always get it bang on…the wet perm is probably best consigned to the fashion wastelands of the 1980's, together with his penchant for real-live-animal accessories….although he did cut a dash with his impeccably dressed, if slightly unusual pet chimp, Bubbles.
But the one thing about Michael Jackson, that will remain a part of his legacy, is that he was never afraid to give something a try when it came to style, and more often than not, could carry it off with attitude…how many other superstars do you know that would turn up to Court in their pajamas?!
Michael brought to fashion the ability to stand up and be counted for his style efforts, and he would always be the centre of attention, whether this was for negative or positive reasons, Michael was no wallflower, and his bravery within the regions of fashion certainly paved the way for others to be more daring with their own style.

Much will undoubtedly be said over the passing weeks and months regarding this superstar King of Pop, and his untimely death, and it seems utterly tragic that his life should have come to such a premature end, when so many of us were looking forward to the next chapter in his musical (and stylish) life as he embarked on a series of concerts.
It would seem fitting that Michael is remembered for the things we came to love him for-disregarding all the press speculation, court cases and negative blows he had been dealt over the years, now more than ever is a time to look back and truly appreciate him for what he really brought to our lives-the showmanship, the sparkle, the songs, and the style.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009 x
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