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Girls Who Like Boys....Clothes.....
June 23, 2009 2:40 PM

Is it me, or is menswear becoming more covetable by the day? If, like me, you are addicted to Big Brother, and BBLB is your essential touchstone for all the house action, you will not have failed to notice the rather snappily dressed presenter, one George
L.A.M.B. Love him or hate him, the boy's got style, and, if I'm honest, I'd quite like to nick it!

He's covered it all so far…man-culottes, dickey-bows, sharp suiting, slouchy tailoring, hello-sailor…(a look which I'm pretty sure he's lifted from my rather stylish fella) and, ohh, I want in! Menswear retailers are cottoning onto the fact that some ladies would rather like to chuck a bit of menswear into the mix, catering, as they do now, to smaller sizes. Some retailers are offering trousers and jeans from a 26 inch waist, and tops in sizes as small as XXS, so there's never been a better time to pillage the rails in the men's dept! I mean, remember SJP wearing men's Calvin's as bed wear back in the SATC days? And if its good enough for Carrie, well……

If you're small, like me, tread carefully…you don't want to risk looking like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (remember his penguin suit? No, no, no!) But if you proceed with caution, the results can be smashing. I particularly like the Acne Guy Slim chino (which, not only come in a summery mint green, but also in some very on trend and rather fetching pastel purple shade.) Pair them with a fitted tee or a tailored, FITTED (this is key) jacket, wear them low on your hips, cuff the ankles and strap on your killer stacked platform
heels (make them chunky…a spindly heel can be a bit 80's with this look!) and you're good to go. If they're a little big, pinch your boyfriends belt and pull 'em in! Everyone's a winner!

Tailoring always looks super, and is actually really wearable for day or evening. A gents blazer (oversized, dropped lapels) can look amazing over a party frock…a real 'borrowed from my boyfriend' piece that makes a statement. You can work this for day as well…make your jeans skinny, skinny skinny, and pull on your pumps. Roll up your sleeves and slouch out!
Waistcoats also look fierce right now. Over a girlie
dress, an open waistcoat can add just the right amount of attitude. Likewise, stick one over a fitted tee and leggings for a look that smacks of Fearne Cotton…aces!

Every girl NEEDS a plain, white boyfriend tee…buy them slouchy and loose, and wear them tucked into harem trousers or high waisted jeans to offset the baggy fit and define your waist. Roll up the sleeves Wham-style for a look that's all your own! These are also fabulous for summer…loose=cool and oversized pieces are great for layering over vests or slimmer fitting tees. If you wear the sleeves rolled, you can easily chuck a thin knit cardi over the top if you start to feel the breeze…perfect for flights to warmer climes, if you're unsure of how warm/cool the plane will be!

Pegged jeans are all the rage at the moment and the boyfit style is still a hot ticket for AW09. Buying actual men's jeans may seem a bit bonkers, but the fit is usually much better than women's 'boyfriend' style jeans, as men's jeans, obviously, aren't cut for hips! A straight or slim fitting jean, again, rolled at the ankle, looks great sitting lower on the waist, with kicky little brogues and ankle socks…very Agness Deyn/Henry Holland! Be brave and keep your upper half streamlined…maybe mix it up and wear a little blouse tucked in, and a skinny belt for a very girlie take on androgyny. Pick the plainest jean you can find for the best effect…a dark wash, without obvious bleaching or whiskering, usually looks super smart.

On the topic of brogues (as if I need an excuse to discuss shoes!) men's footwear has never looked so good. Loafers, deck shoes and plimsolls are all hot to trot at the moment, so cut loose (footloose!) and don't be afraid to check them out…many menswear outlets start their shoes at a UK 7 or sometimes even a 6! They will turn people with more petite trotters (like me….bah!) green with envy, for sure! I like the ASOS made in Italy suede and leather brogues, the ASOS Hibiscus Flower Plimsolls and also ASOS's supercute checked plimadrilles.
With the advent of the man-bag (cheers Becks!) the men's accessory market has also seen a huge resurgence in recent years. I'm coveting the Comme des Garcons Shirt canvas shoulder
bag, and also the gorgeous Ally Capellino 'La Guardia' leather number….so handy for every day, plus so simple…will work with everything, forever! Another product I'm particularly adoring right now is the mans watch…I'm thinking retro gold tone strap and oversized, round face. And lets not stop there…there's a whole plethora of other possible accessories to be filched….scarves, ties, pins, hats, sunnies…..the list is endless!

So there we have it ladies…there's a whole new world of shopping possibilities out there, and who'd have thought it would have been in the direction of men's clobber? Sorry gents, but its time for you lot to move over…It might be a mans world…but us girls are going to start wearing your trousers!
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