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Sunshine On A Rainy Day..........
started July 01, 2009 6:47 PM

With all the glorious weather we've been having, I figured it would be topical to blog about every girl's (and guys) summer essential…sunnies! Actually, coupled with the fact that I now have to wear glasses (only part time, but glasses all the same) I thought it might be interesting to look at those most under-rated of accessories…I mean, they aren't just important for practical reasons, oh no!

Not that I would consider myself a style maven as such, oh no, but being as I'm always on the hunt for the next outfit finishing article, and the fact that I own more pairs of sunnies than I will ever possibly need, or even wear, it seems somewhat fitting that I should blog about the humble face-furniture. Its already been ascertained that they are the celebrity's face-hider of choice….many a late night, walk of shame, over-indulgence and lack of makeup has been hidden by the famous person's friend…oversized, uber-dark, countenance-shielding sunnies. So not only can they act as a mask for when you're looking less-than-your-best, they'll also keep you looking better for longer….we all know, squinting=wrinkles. Why do you think I finally booked my eye test?! Headaches/impaired vision? Can cope with. Wrinkles…aw hell NO! ( Seriously though, if your eyes are playing you up, go to Specsavers.)

So once it's been established that sunnies are what we need, it then falls to the greatest predicament of all…what kind? Ideally, look for a pair with 100% UV protection (to keep on protecting your peepers as well as looking superfab.) Most good sunglass retailers ensure that most of their glasses carry this level of protection, but just check to be sure. They're also categorized from UV level 1-5, with one being the lowest level of protection and 5 being the highest. The easy way to figure out what's what is by looking at the colour grade of the lens-very light=low, very dark=high. High is good, as will give you more protection, but check that they are legal to drive in (I know-I never thought of that either!) I like quite a dark lens, or a graduated one…very flattering on the face as well as giving high protection (plus stops me squinting=ace)

And then we have, of course, the shape and style of your sunnies. Wow. There's just SO much choice now, from oversized to slim and geeky, coloured to plain, shapely to circular…the selection is bigger than ever, and we no longer have to settle for one of two styles….the classic 50's catseye (lovely if your name is Dita, perhaps not so if it is anything else and you don't
dress like a Stepford Wife out of choice!) or the ultimate Top Gun aviator, effortlessly cool on some, slightly Harold Bishop-early-nineties-era on others….its thin ice, people.) No, we have a much bigger and better selection now, but perhaps more pertinent is to suggest, not what to buy, but what not to buy…or try…or definitely avoid, as we foray into the realms of Cardinal Sunglass Sins:

1. Sunnies at night…we are not Flava Flav, Snoop Dogg, or any other member of the hip hop community (unless of course, you actually are, in which case, sorry boys, as you were.)
Sunglasses at night are just tacksville, and not only do you look like a complete tool, you also run the risk of walking into things, hence increasing your tool-ness twofold. Please, glasses come with cases for a reason…night time is when they sleep. You know it makes sense.

2. Shutter shades. OK, Kanye West did this, and even HE struggled to bring the cool to this trend. And if Kanye struggles, then everyone else just loses hope right there. Don't try, because it LOOKS like you're trying, and then, by dint of this, you've failed. Trust me, these are fancy
dress only. I mean, Paris Hilton was snapped wearing these at night, for petes sake, and if you consider this plus the point I've already made above, we see why, god love her, we do not turn to Miss Hilton for style advice. I rest my case (with my Sunglasses in it.)

3. Sunnies that are too big for your face (see current offenders: Olsen, Ritchie, et al..) there is a point where huge becomes TOO BIG, especially if you are small of frame ('scuse the pun) and small of feature anyway. Darker frames can push the boundaries of this trend…tortoiseshell, dark brown or black can tread just inside the line of risking looking ridiculous…but neon, white or bright coloured frames can NOT. I have only two words left to say on the subject: Timmy Mallet. Yes, not cool then, distinctly and dangerously not cool now.

4. Sunnies that are too small for your face (it happens, believe it or not) Lady Gaga's wire rimmed Lennon specs are a prime example….I know, I know, its
Lady Gaga, but really, with her (admittedly beautiful) face shape, she should know better. Please, she looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in shades, and we all know, she doesn't look like that. Pick a style to suit…I've seen her looking fierce in many other examples of Sunglasses, but you have to accept what doesn't work for you, and stop trying to flog it. This is the reason I never wear wrap-arounds…I just look like an extra whose lost their way to the set of Star Trek. Find something that makes you look ace, that highlights your face, not draws attention to it for the wrong reasons.

ASOS have a huuuuuuge range of sunnies, so you should be spoilt for choice when picking your pair. What I tend to do, is buy a classic pair that will be trans-seasonal, and I'll be able to wear in five summers time without them looking dated, so pick classic shapes and colours, and don't be afraid to spend a little more than you would normally (they're an investment!) Here are some I particularly rate:

For all time fabulousness, try these: Linda Farrow Project Sophia Kokosalaki oversized foldable sunglasses…these little beauties fold in half, perfect for the slightly more careless sunglass-wearer!
Rayban's Summer Wayfarer, and Classic Mirror Aviator, are perennial style-savers and come with more than a sprinkling of fashion deja-vu…you saw them last summer, you'll see them next…invest!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Contrast
Sunglasses are the perfect everyday designer shade…great shape, colour and style.

Then, you can buy a couple of cheaper pairs that are more in keeping with current trends, for example coloured wayfarers or floral printed geek-specs. These will be your handbag heroes…chuck them in and then fish them out as and when (ideal for festivals, holidays, etc etc, where chance of sunglass loss or damage=high!) Smashing! I like ASOS own Clear Lens Geeky Specs and ASOS Retro
Sunglasses in red or black.

Speccy has never been so stylish!
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