Past Work...Part Eleven: HAREM TROUSERS

My first ASOSLife piece, an article about Harem Trousers.

Join the Hareem....

June 07, 2009 5:52 PM
So for my first ASOSLife blog post I thought i'd take a look at a current trend that looks set to stay hot for summer, even if the weather cops out...Hareem pants!Hareem trousers may seem like the latest in extreme tailoring, but they're actually really easy to wear-and incredibly comfortable! I was a bit wary of this trend to begin with, because i'm fairly short-and I thought maybe being swamped by acres of crotch fabric might be a fast track to MC Hammer territory, rather than making me look uber stylish and sophisticated. Wrong! Its all about how you wear them, as i've now worked out-perseverance is the key! Trying different looks is the only way to work out what works as opposed to what doesn't.So to save you some time, i've done the legwork! well, a little anyway..and found out a couple of ways to wear Hareems that I think actually work really well.I particularly like the ASOS slouch pocket hareem in black, they are smarter than you'd think and fit really well. I've also got some similar ones in grey, and wore them with a skinny cartoon drawn tee in black and white, and studded gladiators. A vintage
bag adds a personal touch and if there's a bit of a chill, chuck on a thin cardigan, retro denim jacket, or vintage print scarf. Nice! This is such a relaxed look for day but its also kind of effortless, yet still looks smart and keeps you cool in the city!For an evening look, I ditched the style rules and wore two voluminous pieces together....surely a error in fashion judgement? Well, I hoped not, teaming my hareems with a black, dropped armhole, off the shoulder shell top with zip sleeve detail (its all in the details....) and neutral faux-snakeskin platform courts. I tucked my top in a little bit, and cinched it all in with a skinny belt. It actually looked pretty fancy...didn't think i'd be able to achieve it but I thought it looked ok! To pull the look together, I carried an oversize envelope clutch, a huuuuuge flower ring (CC Skye do some great ones on ASOS) smokey eyes, and heaps of attitude (you gotta have attitude in SPADES to work hareem pants to their true potential!). MC Who?
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