A Pre-Emptive Strike Apology....

Unlike our friends at Royal Mail, I'm not taking industrial action, fear not, dear reader. I am, however, giving you a heads up as to my lack of action over the coming week or so...as the boy and I prepare to take on Barcelona, with a mere handful of Spanish words between us, I fear that my blog may be unattended for a wee while. Worry not though, as I shall be back with avengeance probably mid way through the second week in November, where I shall fill you in on all my latest antics and (inevitably) purchases.

Til then, get your winter wardrobes out! Forcasting a change in the weather can only lead to a change in the fashion climate also, and I swear, if I see another person in flipflops I am going to scream and then ask them what the chuff they think they're playing at. It Is November People. Please, take a hint!

Adios for the interim, Amigos!

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