Post Holiday Rain-Filled Blues....

And so we're back. I had the most smashing time in Barcelona, aided by the fact that, at one stage, I was able to wear a T SHIRT. Can you believe it! In November! We slept under sheets, and soaked up the sun, and it was blissful. I also didn't go too bonkers shop-wise either...I bought a stunning, pale pink lace strapless dress from Zara, which, exchange rate considered, came in at about £25, which I thought was more than reasonable for such a pretty thing. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city and, all in, had the best blimmin time. Coming back was a bit of a wrench, really, especially since the boy had to knuckle down to intensive school work, and I had two days to build up the classic 'return to work' dread. Hence, I feel it is time for a little (and cheap) image overhaul to make me feel a little less post-holiday-blue...

Beginning, of course, with a nice new fashion magazine to supplement me with style ideas for the month. Being as I'd already demolished this months Elle, then moved quickly onto Vogue, I figured I would invest in a magazine that I don't usually read: Glamour. I have to confess that my reason for this choice was not strictly clothing-fashion based...maybe it had more to do with the fact that it had a free 'Nails Inc.' varnish on the cover. For the non beauty buffs amongst us, NI are a wicked company that name all their shades after places...London streets, for example, amongst other destinations, the varnish costs £10.50 a bottle, so a freebie is a total no-brainer, and I've used their lacquers for about a year or so, ever since my friend Lina sent me a bottle of "Victoria and Albert", a gorgeous cherry red, which lasts agessss and is just a sumptuous and delicious colour. So anyway, FREE with this months Glamour was a choice of 4 shades, I picked "Elizabeth Street" which is a cute milky pink, like neopolitan strawberry ice cream pink. It took a few coats to get the desired shade, but I'm loving the look, and it is a nice antidote to the "goth glam" trends of the moment. A cheap and cheerful wintery style update!

My next idea was to sort my hair out. I'm going to colour it (there was a worrying resemblance to a shade of dirty dishwater in my holiday know, the pictures that you look at and think, oh my, I need to sort that out) and so I've decided a home dye job could be the way forward. I usually go darker for winter, and I'm thinking a chocolatey brown tone might just be the lift it needs. And I've also decided to have it cut....I know, after 18 months of growing it out, this could be a disaster in the making, but it is so limp and uninteresting, I just feel the need to ramp it up a little. So I think I'm going to get a long shaggy bob cut in, with a super blunt fringe. I've booked the appointment, and I had a money off voucher too, so I'm hoping against hope it will turn out alright, I'll keep you posted. Cheap tricks to retain newness in fashion and style, this is whats needed...and just maybe, a home manicure and dye job, and a voucher-paid-up salon chop will give me the boost I need to face the party season head on. Here's hoping!
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