Hot Picks Of The Week...November 09...ASOS Focus

.....Can you believe we're in November already!? I'm particularly excited for this month due to the fact that a) the boy and I are going to Barcelona for a short break (yipee!) and b) it is the boys birthday, which means I get to do what I like to do best (spoil him rotten, and SHOP, but it is allowable because it's all for gifts.) I was going to post what I'd bought him, but since I know he has a ratbagish tendancy to read my blog from time to time, he might inadvertently uncover his presents online, which would be trés disappointing. So, suffice to say, they shall remain hidden until his actual big day.

So yes: My picks of the week. I have checked out the ASOS sale section once again, and found they have many, many covetable goods at ridiculously low prices, so I am dedicating my entire pick of the week to them. I do love ASOS...if you haven't looked before, seriously, check them out.

I think I mentioned in a previous post about the new gadget that allows you to 'save' items for 30 days without buying them. This is so useful, cos if you're unsure about something, this feature enables you to have a little think about it, and then go back and find it again easily in a week or two, should you so wish. I have to point out that, whilst writing 'should' and 'so' back there, both times I actually wrote 'shoe.' Obsessed much? I think it is because the first item on my ASOS hitlist are these:

Stupidly cute little leather cuffed shoeboots, with a heel manageable enough for all-day-every-day wearability, without compromising on style. I mean, how frustrating is it to splash out on a lovely pair of boots, only to find, they kill your feet? (hmm: this sounds so familiar.) Anyway, these are £27 and come in black and grey. I want the black ones rather toooo much.

Also on my radar is this and this, a kicky little shoulder padded sleeveless shirt, which at £14 is a steal and will look smashing with this faux leather zippy skirt I nabbed in Next, and a supercute seamed denim jumpsuit, which, notwithstanding this trend having been a summer staple, will carry through nicely to winter. Wear the jumpsuit with a heavy cardigan (belt it) and brogues for day, and shimmy out in either killer ankle boots (tuck the legs in) or courts (roll the legs up) for evening. A statement necklace and leather jacket takes this denim nicely from day to night, and at £28, I'm not sure how I haven't bought it yet.

I'm also pining for a new bag, as I am desperate for a nice one to take on holiday. Honestly, I don't think I'm asking tooooo stipulations are, 1) leather, 2) a neutral colour-preferably black, 3) classic design with a twist-maybe tasselling or studs, 4) that it has a zip fastening, and 5) that is has an across-the-body strap. Can I find one? Erm....that'll be a no then. The closest I've come so far is this: and ASOS are now telling me that it is out of stock. Great. If anyone finds anything remotely close to what I'm looking for, please, link me up ASAP!

So therin lies the goodies I have perused so far this week. As I write my blog today I am wearing my new favourite sweater (pale grey, masses of white fringing across the shoulders and down the arms.) Once I'd got past the whole Pagent Winner/Western Featuring/Line Dancing comparisons (which I fear, with any kind of fringing, are inevitable) I feel I'm actually rocking it rather well, despite catching on Every Damn Thing. Still, all in the name of fashion, am I right or what!?
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