Faux Shopping, Joy of my Life

I've invented (and I use this term loosely, because I may not have, but it sure feels like I did) this amazingly satisfying online game which is every credit crunched fashionista's dream.
Basically, it involves the following:

1. You log on to your favourite online e-tailer (take your pic, there's a ton to choose from)
2. You fill your online basket with all the wonderful goods that you love (but can't afford)
3. You allow yourself a moment of wistfulness, then you CLOSE the page.

I know this sounds bananas, but it's actually quite theraputic. Plus there is no fear of the heart-palpitation-inducing credit card bill, because, and here's the rub, you never actually purchase the goods....you just pretend to. Make sure you know the right moment to close the page though....I aciddentally, once, bought a full basket of fashion from a well known online retailer because I didn't realise some places actually save all your details from previous shopping expeditions...bad. This was twice as heart-wrenching because then all the lovely things blimming turned up on my doorstep, and I had to look at them, hold them, love them....and then return them. The fashion equivalent of a drive-by shooting, i'd say.

So ladies and gents, Lesson To Be Learned Number 1: make sure, if you want to indulge in a little faux shopping, don't get as far as the checkout.
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Lina said...

Ah Amie, I shall play this game today!!! And you're so cute that you actually accidently ordered it, bless xx

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