Wedding After Party Dresscode Nightmares

So, I'm all set to go to a friend's wedding afterparty tomorrow night, sadly minus my stylish and supercute plus-one....(he's in a band, they're touring...) and as such i'm having the ever-so-unneccessary last minute outfit crisis.

Its always the way, with wedding parties I to safely navigate the lines of smart/casual is a perilous mission. I mean, you can get away with super-smartness if you're going to attend the actual wedding, but just for the after party, (which, lets face it, usually involves drink+dubious buffet+muchos dancing=facebook photo shame 2 days later) maybe it is better to be more casual?

So anyway, here is what I have decided on as my outfit du jour...

Cobalt satin tube dress (strapless, quite loose and sack-like to allow for uber consumption of said buffet) with vintage chiffon blouse underneath (this weather is too unpredictable for words) cinched with a very nice vintage belt (I've just stabbed an extra hole in it, scandal) plus patterned tights (black, a bit goth, very rock) and finished off with some kicky little ankle boots (trashed, but hopefully they will add the right amount of grunge to what could be a bit of a Thatcher-esque outfit.) Also I shall be wearing my very favourite gentleman's wristwatch (busted, but I don't need it to tell the time, I just like it.)

I'm hoping this will deliver the goods...ah, weddings, surely the bane of every girl's fashion calendar?! (Unless you actually are the bride, in which case, pipe down and hotfoot it up the aisle, pronto). X
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