Fashion Felon, or, Mildly Ironic Cinematic Crisis?

So, feeling rather smug with myself after raiding the ASOS online sale and coming away with an overt amount of nicely reduced booty, I thought it would be nice to take one of the new additions out for a spin.

The piece is question follows thus: Black, leather, uuuuuuber-high collared, asymetric gilet/waistcoat. It is beautiful, and I'm a little (unashamedly) in love with it. It feels even better to wear by dint of the fact that it cost me only £10, instead of £54. And whats not to like about that, to be honest.

So yes, safe to say I felt like someone who was rocking a look, to say the least...(gilet, plus purple harems, plus Stella McCartney tee, plus kicky white brogues=my new favourite outfit.) And off I trotted to meet the boy, and two of our other friends, for a trip to the cinema. Laaaaverley.

Only the thing was, we ended up watching 'Bruno'. And when I say watched, I actually mean, hid behind my hands for most of the movie and cringed. And oh, how I cringed when the lights went up at the end of the film, and woe betide, the rather svelte leather jerkin I had so coveted bore more than a passing resemblance to Bruno's staple outfit-topper du jour. I mean, the man wore his version constantly, ergo, scuppering my chances of now wearing said item without immediately conjouring up thought of a six foot, style deluded, bum-bleaching (ew!) baby-swinging celeb-wannabe. Bad times for recession-driven fashion mavens everywhere. Bad times indeeeeeeed.
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