Inclement Weather Watch: Mid-Season Precipitation-Proof Styling!

Its a funny time of year for the style-inclined. SS Season is kinda over, AW is not quite here, and to make matters worse, the weather can't make its blimmin mind up. One minute it's scorching. Then its like monsoon season in the tropical rainforest. Then the temperature dial is turned right down. Then lightening and thunder are chucked into the mix. In all, it does not bode well for outfit planning of any kind....I learned to my cost the other day that if there is even a meer hint of rain, step away from the jelly shoes. Cue soggy feet and a bitchin blister.

So here is one of my outfits that treads the line between hot/cold, wet/dry, nice/nasty weather fronts....layering is your friend, and here it is key:

I'm rocking a Topshop leather jacket over a Stella McCartney versatile, cuz you can just whip it off if it starts to get too warm, or push up the sleeves a bit (love that look.) Also because it is more substantial than a little cotton jacket it'll keep you a bit drier of you do get caught in a shower...aces.

I'm so loving harem pants right now...these purple ones are Primark and were like a you can afford to try them out, and if you don't like them, it doesn't really matter for that price, you can wear them as pajamas. Honest, they are so comfy, and due to the ample legroom, really really cool! Soooooo much more relative right now than skinny jeans....and less restrictive to boot!

Gawd knows I love my gladiators, but, like the jellies, it's hit and miss with the indecisive one likes a wet foot. So these pointy leather pumps tick all the right boxes...comfy and pretty fierce all at once. Plus no danger of an accidental toe-soaking, even if you trudge right on into a puddle. These were from Zara but there's loads of shoes like this knocking about all over the place, mainly in the sale so set to it.

Finally I like to keep accessories to the max...they are my outfit dealbreakers. So i've merched this look up a notch with a vintage snakeprint leather belt, plastic leopard print ring, and oversized, overfringed tote from Topshop (warning: keep away from revolving doors). An elastic headband works a treat too to keep windblown hair off your face (and stops it sticking to your lipgloss, eww, such a weather-related hazard). It's finished off with a pony-print vintage granny scarf which is aces for keeping warm or, if it becomes a bit toasty, you can tie it to your bag for cute street style.

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