Back in Black

Striped t shirt borrowed from Adrian // Dress from Topshop // Shoes from Superga

I feel rather out of the loop with blogging as I've actually not posted since 30th April! Rather a long hiatus but I was feeling very uninspired, had lost my mojo a bit and wasn't really sure I had anything to say....I still feel a bit like that but after a nice social media break I am feeling a little more into the idea of writing/posting again. Another reason I've been quiet on the blog front was due to a house move; buying our first place was stressful, to say the least; but selling and buying again was pretty much that doubled! So for a while I just wanted to freewheel a bit and not feel like I had to post every day, be that on the blog or Instagram. Now we're settling in to our new home in a new town I am definitely feeling more relaxed and like I am wanting to write again.

I also wanted to think a bit more about what this blog is. It started as a place to share my (dubious 2009) outfits and has developed over the last decade to a platform where I can talk about things I like, places I go, my home, my style, my charity shop finds, my beauty favourites. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel but I will try and include more interiors and more outfits; this is the content I like to put together and the stuff that seems to get the most traction (not that likes matter BUT it's useful to know someone finds what I am sharing interesting!)

This outfit is not very summery however August always seems to be a bit of a washout! I borrowed Adrian's t shirt and dug out last year's Superga's (still going strong) and my most ancient sunglasses (faves). 

XO Amie
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