Striped Silk Dress

 Wearing: M&S Autograph silk dress // Betty London espadrilles

I wore this dress on Good Friday when the temperatures were hovering around the twenties. I was actually a bit hot in a long sleeve! My mum very kindly bought this dress for me (along with two others) in the M&S sale when it went to 90% off. So the dress was originally £119 and ended up costing £11!

This is the first new item I've bought in ages, I am really happy making do with what I've got and actually unpacking some of my summer things, I have lots of bits and pieces I didn't wear much last year so they all feel like new things! I am being much more concious with my consumption, I know high street fast fashion isn't great but I don't think M&S are the worst offenders. Will research them. My espadrilles are a good two years old but I think they still look fine, they are really comfortable and easy to wear so I am quite happy to keep trotting them out!

XO Amie

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