Summer 10 x 10 - Review

For those of you who missed it, the Summer 10 x 10 challenge basically involved wearing 10 different items of clothing only for 10 days. You can read more about the challenge here - the autumn version kicks off soon and I'm keen to take part in that too!

I learnt quite a lot from this challenge and really enjoyed making my clothes work harder for me. I am so very concious of the affect that fast fashion has on the planet and, whilst I can't say I'm going to stop shopping, I will at least try to be a bit more sustainable in the choices I make. Whether that's buying from eco brands, buying secondhand from resale sites or charity shopping, I am trying to do my bit, little by little.

I didn't get boted of the pieces I chose for the challenge and only had to make one swap - jeans for shorts, because during the 10 days of the challenge the temperatures hovered around 30 degrees so denim was a definite no-no!

XO Amie

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