Review: Being By Sanctuary Spa

Being by Sanctuary Spa Bath Bon Bombs and Tub Goals gift set

Sanctuary Spa is a brand I'm well versed with - having used their products for many years. I still reach for a moisturising heel balm which is a favourite of mine, so I was excited to learn about the latest selection of products from a new range - Being by Sanctuary Spa.

This range is aimed at a younger customer to their core complement and include five different fragrances across a selection of products. These include Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom, Salted Caramel and Macadamia, Hibiscus and Coconut Water, Chilli Mango and Tonka Bean and Water Lotus and Pomelo. The products in the range vary from bath bon bombs to facial scrubs and body lotions, sprays and scrubs. There are also some fabulous accessories such as cosmetic pouches and reusable coffee cups, as well as lots of lovely gifting products - perfect for a loved one or a treat to yourself!

I received the 'Tub Goals' gift set which, at £15, is a lovely present to give or receive! Inside the retro sweet style jar was a body puff, an inflatable doughnut drinks holder for the tub, a full sized Cloudberry exfoliating jam face mask, and a bottle of Hibiscus and Coconut Water bubble bath. The face mask is lovely, the scent is fruity and sweet and the scrubby bits aren't too rough on the skin. The bubble bath is also a lovely fruity scent, perfect for relaxing after a long day. 

For an added boost, you can also choose a fizzy bath bomb (or two or three) from a pouch of Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom Bon Bombs. For £12 you get a pack of mini bombs which leave your skin beautifully scented as they fizz into the bath on contact with water. These smell incredible but aren't overpowering and don't stain the bath either! The products are also only tested on humans - no animals harmed here!

You can shop the range in store and online at Boots. 

XO Amie
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