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Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence £14.99,  Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Body Butter Aftersun £5 c/o Hawaiian Tropic

With all the hot weather we've been having, I've been making a bit of an effort with my skincare in the sun. I always make sure to use an SPF on my face; whether this is in makeup or moisturiser, but I am ashamed to say I often forget to use it on my bod. I think having a yellow/olive undertone to my skin means I don't burn very often, if at all, and it's terrible to admit but I always think the sun will never be that 'strong' in the UK.

This isn't, of course, always the case and especially when we do get hot weather, we've usually been covered up and waiting for it for so long prior, it's a bit of a shock to the system when the sun hits your face again. The recent mini heatwaves have been prime examples but I've got some great alternative SPF products to talk about that help to protect the skin from harmful rays. 

Hawaiian Tropic is a brand I've used in the past and is well established in the suncream aisles. I love this Duo Defence sun lotion, £14.99, which contains SPF 15 as well as an anti-pollution layer, making it ideal for summers in the city. The product is smooth and non-greasy, absorbs quickly and smells amazing - containing mango, guava, papaya and passion fruit. Delicious! It's so unlike what I expect a sun lotion to feel like; there's no chalky residue or ashy finish, it doesn't feel sticky and it works, too - I have actually used this as a daily moisturiser as well as a sun cream when required.

After a day in the sun, I like to reach for a nourishing moisturiser to replenish my skin and also calm any areas that might have been missed by the suncream! Coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil in this huge tub, which is just £5, rehydrates parched skin and prevents skin peeling. I have again been using this as a moisturiser, it's super thick and creamy and provides a really intensive moisturising treat for dry skin.

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Hawaiian Tropic
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