Archive #22

I haven't posted any 'archive' footage for, believe it or not, almost a year and a half! I discovered a haul of old snaps saved in my Google archive so I thought it would be fun to share. I don't even remember these totally tropical trews, so god knows where they came from but that t shirt was a crepe vintage number I was obsessed with, and wore until it had turned a rather fetching shade of grey. The ballet flats I also wore out - they were so comfy and the perfect cut.

Whilst I can't say I'd wear trousers as jazzy as this these days, the building blocks of this outfit are things I totally would wear - a peg trouser (not as bright!) a classic ballet flat and a simple t shirt. I also love my collection of blogger poses, which haven't changed all that much either! My hair is very short here - I was still mid way through growing out a horrendous cut - but 6 years later it's in a much better place!

XO Amie
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