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Earrings c/o Sacet (shop here)

When a brand's ethos is 'People. Planet. Profit.' in that order, it makes me take notice. In this fast fashion filled world, it's really refreshing to discover a brand that is ethical, cares for the planet, is affordable and makes stylish and beautiful jewellery. No knitted hemp here (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but Sacet is a brand that makes eco friendly products cool and desirable. You can look stylish, and support this ethical slow fashion movement.

Sacet began as a way to bring designer jewellery to the market place inclusively. You shouldn't have to spend thousands of pounds to purchase a piece of jewellery that is beautifully made, excellent quality, and lasts a lifetime. Neither should the craftspeople who make these products, and their economies, have to suffer as a result of low pay and poor working conditions, and likewise, the environment shouldn't have to cover the cost either.

Sacet sought to change this. By producing exclusive, luxurious jewellery without the markup, making it inclusive for all, this jewellery is ethical and conscious, and serves a purpose - it supports the people who make it and maintains the safeguarding of the environment. 

I was lucky enough to be able to choose a piece of jewellery from the brand to feature, and I picked the Lujia hoop earrings in 18k gold vermeil on sterling silver. Designed by Meng Zehang, these gold hoops are anything but traditional - the twisted shape makes them a classic with a difference. I loved the simple, chic design and because I wear a mix of sterling silver and yellow gold, they work beautifully with my other earrings. The materials to make the product are ethically sourced - from the recycled sterling silver that makes up their shape to the eco friendly packaging they are delivered in. They are even custom made and hand finished in an artisan workshop to minimise their carbon footprint. Along with the beautiful packaging, the hoops come with a card detailing the craftspeople who have made them - making the product traceable from beginning to end.

These earrings cost £59, which for a pair of hoops that you could wear forever, seems to me to be a wise investment. They also come with a two year warranty for extra peace of mind. They would make such a lovely gift, the packaging is beautiful, and it's so nice to be able to do something to help support an eco-friendly, ethical and caring brand such as Sacet. Here's what they say:

'We believe that buying designer jewellery should be a beautiful experience. It should make you look good, do good and feel good.
That’s why, we want to make beautiful designer jewellery accessible at a fair price. For you and for our craftspeople.
But beyond fair pay, we aim to empower our craftspeople and the communities in which they live.'

Take a look at the Sacet collection here

XO Amie
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