Products I've Used Up #42

For a change, here are some of my favourite makeup empties! I wouldn't normally feature these as heavily as skincare, as I tend not to get through them as quickly - however I ended up with a few things that had all serendipitously run out at the same time, enough to warrant a feature!

I have to prefix this post by saying that I loved all of these products. I think it's apparent when you actually finish a cosmetic product that you must really enjoy using it, I think it's quite rare that those products that last forever - like cream eyeshadows and powder blushers - actually get used up! They usually get replaced by the latest flavour of the month, but this selection contains some of my all time favourites.

Emotional Brilliance by Lush is one of the best setting powders I've ever used. I have tried several in the past, but this one is the only one I've found that doesn't look chalky or completely dry my skin out. It's not cheap, but I subsequently bought a very cheap alternative and hated it (though I've made myself use it!) but once payday rolls around, this is on my list for sure.

Natural Collection is cheap as chips and some of the products are a bit ropey (I bought a very dodgy eyebrow pomade from there) but the blusher is fantastic. Sadly, they have discontinued this shade which was pretty much the perfect colour for my skin tone, so I have had to revert to a Body Shop alternative, but I would have rebought it in a second!

Speaking of The Body Shop, I loved this primer compact but I blew through it so quickly. I only bought it back at the end of December but I finished it by early Feb - the design isn't great so it's hard to judge how much of the product you're using each time. Mind you it was just £3 in the sale, so it was very reasonable for what it was. 

I've been using this Maybelline cream eye shadow literally forever....I think I bought this in 2014, and have been using it daily since. And I've just finished it. I think that's value for money! The Leather Effect range has, I believe, been discontinued now but you can still buy this shade in a slightly different texture, so I think I would definitely rebuy it. It's a great base colour for the eyes and is super flattering on my skintone.

Finally, a couple of mascaras - well, a mascara primer, by Estee Lauder, which I wore underneath my everyday mascara to give it an extra boost, and this Eyeko Black Magic mascara which I've since repurchased. I love Eyeko, they're one of my favourite brands and their brow products are unparallelled! This one gave great volume and lasted all day without flaking or transferring. It's also really easy to see when it's running low as the squeezy tube gives a good indication of when it's starting to dry out.

XO Amie
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