Cowboy Boots

A trend I've noticed bubbling up from the catwalk and onto the high street this season is the cowgirl. Not in the overtly literal, Dolly Parton or early 00's Jessica Simpson way, but rather more a nod to the culture - displayed in tassels, fringing, bolo ties, belt buckles and, of course, boots. Not to be worn with denim, really, just as an update to the ankle boot that everyone has, and not really in an over the top, 'I'm wearing a cowboy boot' way, either. It's a sense of the styling and western vibe, dashed out across a style staple.

But where to begin? Well, a pointed toe and topstitching detail reflect the feeling nicely, but you can go a little off piste, too. Patent western boots? They're a thing. Fringe details? Works well on an ankle boot. Unusual colours? By all means. This isn't about taking a bona fide cowboy boot in it's tan leather, wedge heeled glory - but of course, if you want to, you can totally do that too.

For a brief period in around 2004 I was obsessed with a pair of 'bona fide' cowboy boots that I wore incessantly. They were, undeniably, the most comfortable boots I'd ever worn and I paired them with everything from linen sundresses to skinny jeans (I feel I was very influenced by Sienna Miller) and whilst I look back on this time as my fashion wilderness, it hasn't dimmed the love I feel for a decent ankle boot - especially with an element of western styling. It's just about wearing them in a modern way.

Of course, my favourite shoe-website Spartoo has lots of ankle boot styles on offer and more than a few of them embrace the styling details I've mentioned. From buckles and fringing, squared off toes and wedge heels to full on, line dancing cowboy boots, they have a huge selection on site and it's easy to find a pair that dial up the western vibe to your personal taste. I've got my eye on a couple of pairs - perfect for wearing with bare legs come spring.

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Spartoo
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