The Joys of a Practical Shoe

In my teens and twenties, my heels could not be higher. I worked as a retail store manager for much of my twenties and would think nothing of spending upwards of 8 hours on 6 inch heels; in fact, I preferred to wear stilettos, courts and pointed boots - I get it was of an era(!) but at the time I just felt comfortable and confident in heels, and painful feet by 6pm were just part of the day. I guess by maybe my late twenties I'd changed my tune a little, but I would still reach for my favourite heels for a night out, I didn't own a pair of trainers, and even summer footwear choices would include a heel, a platform, or both!

Now in my mid thirties, I can't think of anything worse than wearing super high heels day in, day out. The irony of it all is that I now have what is essentially a desk job, so I could feasibly wear heels like that without cause for much discomfort, because I'm mainly sitting down! I still shy away from flats, usually - although I do love a decent loafer - but my choice in heels now is more refined. Instead of the skyscraping stilettos or epic platforms, I prefer a block, mid height (or low!) heel. Classic granny chic, I'm also partial to a glove shoe (similar to those pictured, with the high vamp, although I still prefer a lower heel!)

Mid and low heels are having a bit of a style moment - I can always rely on one of my favourite footwear brands, Betty London, to have a great selection and they do. From office-apropes court styles, to springtime sandals (is it time to get a pedicure yet?!) they are fulfilling all of my block heel wishes! I particularly like some of the sandal styles, which are super chic and really simple in design.

XO Amie

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