Products I've Used Up #41

Empties: Sanex Atopicare hand cream // The Body Shop smoky rose shower gel // Lush Happy Hippy shower gel // The Body Shop vanilla chai sugar scrub (alternative)

Just a small selection of 'empties' this month, I actually split out the skincare from the cosmetic bits this time so the post wouldn't be super long, so I'll post about the makeup items seperately. These 4 items, however, were all amazing and I would happily repurchase each one!

The Sanex hand cream is quite a boring product to talk about but as hand creams go, it's brilliant. I have mentioned how my Body Shop hemp hand cream is lovely, but quite oily so I tend to use it at night - this was the perfect daytime hand cream as it dries down to a perfectly velvety finish and it also absorbs very quickly. It was also the only hand cream I have tried that actually rehydrated my shredded hands and stopped them completely flaking out and cracking up. I've got another couple of handcreams on the go at the moment, but I would definitely re-buy this one.

The Body Shop have really been on fire of late, I've bought a few bits from there which I am completely obsessed with, including this white musk smoky rose shower gel. This was just delicious and I loved using it - I wear the fragrance too so it was brilliant for layering up that scent, so I think I'll pick up another bottle for sure. A sadly sold out product is the vanilla chai sugar scrub. I used this pretty much daily and my skin has never felt so soft or looked so smooth. Unfortch I blew through it super quickly, so I'm going to go and investigate other versions of the product. The only sad thing about that is that I'd love to get this scent again, but hopefully they'll bring it back next year, as it was a Christmas special. In the mean time, I think I'll try the Shea version.

Lastly I have to comment on Lush's Happy Hippy shower gel. As they go, this wasn't my favourite; I didn't hate it but compared to the other Lush shower gels I've tried, I wouldn't reach for this one. There was nothing wrong with it; I just found the scent a bit soapy and not as refreshing as I hoped it would be. Still, it was nice to use! The only thing I would say is that, in terms of shower gels, this is bux....250g costs almost a tenner and yes, it's a nice product but it's not worth that, in my opinion.

XO Amie
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