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Gloves from Primark (similar) The Body Shop vanilla chai hand cream (here) Primark vanilla absolute hand cream (similar)

It's hard to believe that I didn't own a pair of gloves until this weekend when I decided I really had to get some, I was sick of defrosting my car with frostbitten fingers and I intended to pick some up in Primark cheaply because I just wanted a pair that would do for the rest of the winter. I was pleased to find this grey pair reduced to £3 - they are just what I was after and I am so looking forward to not having continually cold, chapped hands!

Something else helpin on that front is hand cream. I still swear by my Body Shop hemp hand cream (which I've talked about extensively here) although I find this can leave a bit of an oily residue on the skin so I do usually apply this at night. I wanted to pick up a couple of other options to keep in my handbag or my car, and I really love this Body Shop vanilla chai cream which was a festive limited edition, sadly, but there are still options available on the website and I've been into a couple of stores and there were quite a few left in both - this handcream was £2.50 reduced from £5. It smells so good; a heady vanilla with an interesting mix of spices to it. It sinks in quickly and it leaves hands feeling velvety, not oily, so it's really good for everyday.

I've been trying to avoid buying beauty products when I don't need them, so there was no realy need for me to pick up a second vanilla hand cream, although as this one was just £1 in Primark I thought why not. I have always been a fan of the scent of vanilla, I think because it reminds me of the wax I used to apply to my surfboard. It would smell sort of coconutty, sort of vanillary, and somehow the smell of vanilla (or coconut) takes me right back!

XO Amie
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