Products I've Used Up #38

November empties: Lush Prince Charming shower cream // The Body Shop body butters in shea butter and peach // Patisserie de Bain sugared violet body cream // Lush Ro's Argan body conditioner // Lush Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel

Now, this should probably be a 'Lush Empties' blog post because actually the vast majority of these empties are from there - admittedly they are one of my favourite stores and I have quite a lot of products by the brand, but I return time and time again because I just love their range and it's rare that I try a product I don't like. The shower cream and shower gels lasted absolutely ages; I acquired them back at the beginning of August and they have only just been used up (I loved both scents so would use them in alternation!) Unfortch, as is often the way with Lush, both of these were limited editions and so not available to buy at present; the Prince Charming shower cream was a Valentine exclusive and the Wash Behind Your Ears an Easter release, but I would definitely be tempted to re-buy them in 2018 if they bring them out again. The Prince Charming shower cream contained pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil and was sweet but refreshing, and Wash Behind Your Ears contained jasmine and rose so was more floral but not overwhelmingly so. The only downside to these products was the bright colours, which actually isn't a downside at all apart from they dyed my bath sponge bright pink or bright orange depending on which one I used!

On the Lush note, I also finally used up a tub of Ro's Argan body conditioner. This is an amazing product but it is also quite strange. You apply it to the skin after washing, as you would a conditioner to your hair, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse, and your skin does end up feeling super soft and smooth, and smelling amazing, but it does leave a strange, almost greasy, residue on the skin which I wasn't a fan of. I actually preferred to use this in tiny amounts like a moisturiser; the scent is pure rose with a gourmand undertone (for fans of Lush's Rose Jam) and it is undeniably delicious.

I have used up a few body lotions over the last month or so too; the Patisserie de Bain one I've had for a while but it's taken me a minute to get through it as you didn't need to use too much and it lasts for ages. The scent was also really lovely, sweet and light like parma violets. The Body Shop body butters are a staple, I really enjoyed using these which I bought with a birthday voucher. You could buy three small body butters for £10 (£5 with my voucher) so I chose three I hadn't used before to see which I liked the best. I picked peach, rose (to feature in my next empties post!) and shea butter and I absolutely loved the shea butter one, it smelled amazing and I am definitely going to put the full size on my Christmas list!

XO Amie
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