Bare Legs

Wearing: Urban Outfitters jacket (ancient) // Topshop Boutique shirt dress (ditto) // Vintage Louis Vuitton bag // New Look shoes

These pics were taken back in early September which seems like so long ago now! I just haven't had time to get into a proper posting schedule since moving house, and whilst I'm still unpacking boxes, I am trying to get back into regular blog posts and share some of the imagery I have from before I moved and I had no wifi!

This dress was one I bought in the sale (I always buy Topshop Boutique in the sale as it is BUX) but I'm glad I did, I think it was about £30/£40 which is still expensive for what it is, but I've worn it so much. It looks great with my fave Finery ankle boots, and tights too, so even though I wore it with bare legs here, I would definitely wear it in a more autumnal way, too. Ditto for the (p)leather jacket - it was £50 from Urban Outfitters, insane for a faux leather jacket I could have picked up in Primark, probably, for about £12 but the cut of this is wonderful and the faux pleather has worn so nicely.

My beloved New Look ankle strap shoes don't look quite right with tights, however, so I fear I might have to consign them to my shoe-suitcase until spring at least. When Adrian and I went to Liverpool I wore a pair of loafers with jeans and my ankles were so cold! I definitely think the weather calls for tights and socks now. 

XO Amie
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