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I don't think I can impart an awful lot of wisdom regarding how to pack a suitcase - there are whole websites dedicated to the art, and whilst I am fairly organised, I definitely didn't organise my suitcase by outfits, or bag up each days look - including accessories - to take with me on my holiday. Adrian and I went to Marbella for 7 days, we had 15kg of hold luggage and a carry on bag each. Adrian only took a carry on bag and I just used a small suitcase (a cabin case, really) as my hold bag and the larger size Longchamp Le Pliage as my carry on bag. 

I did quite a lot of research about the weather where we were staying before we flew out and I did make a list of things to take, to ensure I didn't forget something vital. We went on an all includive holiday and it was very much a relaxed, pool and beach break, we didn't go out clubbing or for posh meals but I wanted to ensure I had enough to wear over the course of the holiday and also some options for evening.

My best purchase was a pair of black cotton shorts which I wore every single day. I bought them a little last minute from Topshop (I had something to exchange and I thought they would be useful.) It was almost too hot for denim shorts, and I always chose these over the denim shorts I had packed anyway - they were so comfy and went with all the tops I had taken, too. The only other thing I bought specifically was a pair of pool slides, just plain black ones, as I didn't want to get leather sandals wet (skid risk!) and I pretty much wore these daily, too.

I took another pair of shorts (denim), a dress, a jumpsuit, 2 playsuits, a handful of tops, a pair of espadrilles, 3 bikinis and a swim suit. I wore trousers to fly out (these ones) and only put them back on again when we were heading home. I wore my leather jacket on the way out, and again, didn't touch it again until it was time to leave. I also wore my straw hat (to save it being squashed in my bag.)

I wore everything I took, which was a win! (nothing worse than dragging home half a suitcase of unworn clothes) although I only wore the jumpsuit once, disappointingly. It was linen and very light weight, but it was just too hot for it, although I did manage to wear it on the last evening.

The biggest eye opener for me was makeup. I took the basics - foundation (didn't use once) lipstick (a moisturising lip crayon - only used in the absence of lip balm, which I forgot) waterproof mascara (used once) eyeliner (didn't use) and blusher/bronzer (didn't use). I do wear makeup most days, even if it's very minimal, but on holiday I didn't use it at all. It was really nice, actually, not to bother with it - in future I definitely wouldn't bother to take foundation - it stayed in my makeup bag the whole time!

Have you got any holiday packing tips?

XO Amie
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