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 Soap is something I never associate with skincare or beauty products. I suppose that from a young age, I thought that soap was purely for functional things like washing hands - my grandfather had a cracked green block of soap by the sink at their house which he and my uncle would use to wash oil from their hands. As I got older, I distinctly remember watching the Dove adverts where they would demonstrate with litmus paper how drying and acidic soap was - certainly something I wouldn't choose to wash with.

However, times have changed, and so have products. Far from being drying and antiseptic, many soaps now are moisturising and smell amazing. I tried a few samples from Lush recently, as part of my quest to use cruelty free products, so I thought I'd discuss them here. 

The first soap I tried was Serendipity (from £4.20) which has actually turned out to be my favourite. I adore lavender and this French Lavender and chamomile mixture leaves my skin smelling sweet as well as my mind relaxed. Using it in the evening, it really helped to add a sense of winding down to my day, and it even has pieces of lavender in it. I will definitely be repurchasing this one again once I've got through the other samples.

I have also tried Outback Mate (from £4.20) which reminds me of the Original Source mint shower gel. Zingy and fresh, it contains peppermint and eucalyptus and is refreshing and reviving. It would be a great one to use in the morning for a wakeup call or an energy boost.

The final sample I tried was Bohemian (from £3.90) which is vegan. It's a really citrusy, lemony soap which is super fresh and really softening. Using rapeseed oil and coconut oil to form the soap base, it lathers up really well and leaves a refreshing scent on the skin.

Differing to traditional shower gels, I did find that the soaps were harder to lather up, but using a natural sponge, they did bubble up quite quickly. They left skin feeling refreshed but not stripped of moisture, and they also left the bathroom smelling amazing! I would definitely recommend them - my favourite (and on my repurchase list) was Serendipity, as I adored the scent, but they were all lovely in different ways.

XO Amie
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