The #BigDayofMove is coming to Bristol

If you are interested in exercise, keeping fit or just want an excuse to get up and get moving, join in the fun in Bristol this Saturday with the #BigDayofMove! Move GB are offering FREE activities across the city all day - so whether you fancy a yoga class or a taster session at the gym, you'll be sure to find something to suit you.

With 214 activities on offer over 78 locations, there is so much choice that narrowing down what you'd like to try is the difficult bit! I'm going to try a Pilates class - I've never tried an instructor led lesson before so it will be really interesting to give it a go and I'm hoping that it will be fun and not too challenging (although it's good to push yourself!) I really enjoy running and I often practise yoga at home so it will be great to add Pilates to the mix, too.

It's not too late to get involved - head over to to find out more.

XO Amie
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