Summer Flatforms

Now that the sun has started to shine and the winter clothes are being packed away, apart from the fact that the weather is supposed to go cold again next week, I'm totally in the sandal zone. I think once you've got your toes out it's hard to go back - and I've been revelling in wearing loafers, ballet shoes, sandals and  - a summer favourite - flatforms.

In particular, espadrille flatforms. Not something I was ever particularly keen on, to be honest; I'm more of a granny shoe aficionado than someone who enjoys a chunky shoe, but having worn espadrille flatforms for most of last summer, I'm somewhat of a convert. They are actually incredibly flattering; I thought they'd make my legs look like golf clubs and even though I have small feet I was unsure how nice they would look; you know how some shoes can seem to make your feet look really long? Yes, that's the look I thought a flatform would give. 

I'm not sure if it's because of the espadrille wedge itself, or the straps on this pair in particular, but I actually think they are very flattering. Not to mention comfortable! Extremely OAP friendly and perfect if you want a height boost but can't comprehend wearing heels (especially in hot weather) although they take a little getting used to walking in (initially I felt a little like Ronald McDonald as I worked out how to get the right gait going) and forget driving in them - god only knows where the pedals are. But crack these two downsides and they are a shoe that you can wear through the entire summer. Cool, comfortable and taller! I'll take that!

XO Amie

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