Products I Regret Buying #4

I've had a short blogging break over Easter which was really nice; I enjoy writing my blog of course but to get away from a computer screen is a real treat in this day and age! So a few days away from it was great and also quite re-inspiring. I spent some time taking outfit photos, too, something I so rarely seem to have time for these days; so thankfully my mum and Adrian were on hand to help as I wasn't all that impressed with the quality of pictures I took using the remote control for the camera, although I think that could be down to the camera settings, something I need to look into.

Back to today's post! Looking back through old blog posts, I was impressed to see that the last time I wrote a 'Products I regret buying' post was back in January 2016, so over a year has gone by since I have invested in any howlers from the beauty department. This I think is down to having a different mindset when it comes to shopping - I've already spoken a little about the changes I'm making in terms of buying more ethical products and the 'scattergun' approach to my beauty shopping has definitely been rethought over the last year or so, in line with the Capsule Wardrobe project I undertook.

Funnily enough, most of these products that I'm featuring today were actually PR gifts or came as part of a beauty box, but I wanted to chat about them anyway  - most of these aren't actually that bad but it's a case of the colour or consistency being wrong for me.

The Cailyn brow gel was a product that I got in a beauty box and while I love the consistency and the way the product is made - the brush is inside the lid - unfortunately the colour was much too dark for me. This was disappointing as I used the website to help select the right colour, but it appeared much darker in the pot than I thought it would and this translated to the brows. However, the brand are Leaping Bunny approved and don't test on animals; the RRP on this product is around £16 so it's fairly mid-range price wise for a brow product. I would definitely try it again, but in a lighter shade! Shop it here

Another brow product I failed to get on with was the Benefit 'Goof Proof' brow pencil which I know will make me a pariah in the beauty blogging community because Benefit is such a loved brand. I just couldn't get on with this at all - the pencil wasn't creamy, dragged on the skin and the colour was a bit too dark for me. I've given it to my mum to try, and I'll be interested to hear how she gets on - maybe I just wasn't using it properly? On the topic of Benefit, I also struggled with the 'They're Real' mascara - I felt it left my lashes feeling quite dry and crispy. I only used this twice and whilst I will say it made my lashes look great, I just didn't like the feel, so this is not a mascara I'll buy again.

I have had this Sleek blush for a while and occasioanlly I feel it quite suits my skin; however then I'll get part way through the day, check my reflection and think perhaps it doesn't. I think I might be a little pale to wear a shade this dark; I like it applied lightly but I can never seem to get the application right. The consistency and texture is good, but it's just the shade, I think - my mum is more olive skinned so I have given her this to try and I think it will suit her better than it does me. The shade is called 'Flushed' and I have had a look a their other shades on offer and I think maybe the Rose Gold or Suede shade might suit me better so I will perhaps consider picking those up - at £4.99 they are very affordable and also completely cruelty free and against animal testing, which is great to hear. 

Finally I have one more product I think I've used once - this Bee Good lip balm. Again, nothing wrong with the product - I just had a couple of other lip balms that I prefer so this one was rarely used. I love the idea behind this brand - British premium skincare, made using ingredients produced by British bees. Again, I've given this to my mum to use as I feel it should be used, it's a great product and I definitely rate it, but I prefer another Bee Good lipbalm I have so have no real use for this!

So, not really a list of products I hated this time, but products that haven't found their way into my everyday beauty routine. As I mentioned before, the idea of shopping more carefully for beauty has meant that I have less wastage and less clutter - the products that make it into my makeup bag are carefully selected and tried and tested.

XO Amie
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