No More Winter Coats

Wearing: Whistles coat (old, similar here) vintage shirt (similar) vintage scarf (similar) New Look jeans (here) Finery boots (here)

I am hopeful that I will soon be packing away the wintery coat, scarf and boots - certainly if this weekend is anything to go by, it'll be Spring fashion a go-go before much longer! There's something so lovely about a good dose of sunshine after long dark winter days. This coat has certainly been a favourite over the winter; I wore it less last year so it's had its wear this time around. I really like the length and the fact that it's so simple; my style is not about 'matching' but I do like a fairly neutral-ish coat; it does go with everything! (and smartens up ripped jeans!)

Speaking of jeans, these are my new favourite pair. My other black skinny jeans took a hit when I stepped on the knee rip when putting them on and pretty much ripped the leg off (how annoying) and I hadn't really thought of New Look for denim but I had heard good things about their range, and not wanting to pay Topshop prices I ventured there. These were more reasonable and the fit is lovely; they are super stretchy but don't go baggy, and the ankles are cut at an angle (which you can't see here because of my boots, but they'll look great with sandals in the summer.) I also like the high rise waist and the slightly washed out colour.

My boots are another favourite, these Finery boots just keep on going and have successfully negotiated another winter. I am tempted to buy another pair for when these ones eventually give up but I don't want to stockpile; if they end up in the sale I might pick a pair up as they aren't cheap, but they were a fantastic investment. I have pretty much worn them continually for two winters now and they still look new and feel like slippers, they're that comfy. I can't recommend them highly enough!

My shirt is my favourite chazza party shirt which I found last year. For someone who wears little colour, this was a brave buy for me but I love it; it's a fabulous shirt and makes me feel good when I wear it. It had weights sewn into the hems (so I thought) which is supposed to prevent it from coming untucked. After I had worn it a few times and washed it a few times, both of them split through the lining (it's quite an old shirt) and it turns out they were actually French francs. Makes me love it all the more!

XO Amie
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