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I have only recently got into buying any sort of workout gear - I have to admit that for the first few months of my running journey I wore tatty leggings and novelty t shirts, and when I practise yoga, it's at home so I can wear pyjamas if I want to! However, I have recently picked up a few slightly more technical pieces that I thought I'd talk about here.

There's nothing wrong with wearing old leggings and novelty t shirts to run in, and when I first started running I honestly didn't think I would be able to stick with it, let alone start to enjoy it, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on specific garments which I might not get the use from. It was only after several months of running that I decided to buy some fit for purpose items - after running in a pair of Adrian's football shorts in the summer and feeling like they were going to fall down through the whole run, and then running in a vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt in the winter and feeling like I was going to boil, I realised that I probably should buy something to work out in that was designed for the purpose. 

I still didn't want to spend a fortune, however, so the high-end brands, such as Sweaty Betty, were out of my price range. I considered Primark, and actually did get a couple of pieces from their range, but I didn't find the leggings were that good and they didn't wash very well (classic) so I didn't pursue that. Of course the January sales don't often include activewear as January is a time that a lot of people begin to consider their fitness programme, but I kept an eye on the sales in case any items were reduced and managed to find some great bargains.

I picked up several pieces from the Ivy Park range at Topshop including a lightweight jacket (farewell boiling sweatshirt) some layering vests and a soft sleeveless top which I can wear underneath jackets now on alone in the summer. I also found a fab showerproof jacket - again, super lightweight and brilliant for rainy runs. Both the jackets were reduced from £70 to £15!

For leggings, I really rate the New Look fitness collection - I found the Ivy Park ones to be really odd sizing wise and also really long in the leg! I love the amazing marble print pair which at £17.99 were full price but still affordable, and I then found a couple of other pairs in the sale, one at £8 and one at £3, so these went straight in my basket! I've stuck to a muted colour scheme of greys, blues and white with the odd splash of colour - a cobalt vest or a red print on the ankle or side panel of a legging. This way, I can mix and match pieces together and everything goes with everything else, which is useful as I can tailor my outfit to the conditions. 

You can check out the full New Look fitness range here - I highly recommend the pieces as they wash and wear beautifully, and even out of sale they are not too expensive!

XO Amie
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