Review: Ciate x Olivia Palermo Nail Polish

Ciate London x Olivia Palermo 'Sunday's' 

Excessively priced nail polishes are having a moment in the beauty world, and the latest brand to charge over the odds for a product to decorate your digits with is Ciate. Ciate is not a cheap brand; a regular nail polish coming in at between £9-£14, but these Olivia Palermo shades bust the budget at a whopping £17. I actually picked this one up in my local TK Maxx for £4, I thought it would be good to review it as I would have done had it cost £17 (although I would never have paid that!)

First off - the colour, 'Sunday's' which is described Olivia's 'off duty nude' was a blind buy as the box was shrink wrapped when I picked it up. I probably should have googled it first to check the colour, but there was a colour swatch on the top of the box which was a lovely dark, beigey-nude shade, so I thought it would be fairly similar to that. Wrong! On opening the box, the shade inside is much paler, more a porcelain pink than what I would consider a true nude, however, as it was fairly inexpensive I was only slightly disappointed. Had I paid £17 I would have definitely wanted to return it, though, as you can find fabulous nude polishes by high street brands like Barry M and Rimmel that are under £5.

The application is nice, the polish applies smoothly but as I feared, it's so translucent, the first coat looks as if I have just applied clear polish. 2 coats looks slightly streaky, but by the third coat I was getting somewhere. The consistency of the polish is great - the use of dual polymer mesh lock technology is designed to create a long lasting, durable and high shine lacquer. These claims stand, although it isn't a one-coat wonder, you would have to dedicate time to the manicure to ensure you got an even coverage. That aside, the finish and the colour is lovely, when you get there!

In short: Worth £17? Definitely not, but for £4, you can't go too far wrong.

XO Amie
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